New Car Scratch Remover – FixIt Pro. Does It Work?


There are a lot of different car scratch removers on today’s market that claim to fix scratches in no time. But do they really work? One of the new car scratch removers that was recently introduced is  FixIt Pro.

The first time I heard about FixIt Pro was from a TV commercial. Billy May, the annoying loud man, was advertising FixIt Pro claiming it can magically erases small scratches on any color car. He said that this scratch remover fills and seals a scratch in just one swipe and dries in the sunlight within an hour, giving the area a shiny polished look.

To demonstrate how easy it is, May scratched a car (I am pretty sure it wasn’t his car) and then used FixIt Pro to remove the scratch. The price was $19.99 for two pens. When you buy one, you get another one for free with some free Microfiber Cloth and Vacuum cleaner. Of course, if you want to get the free stuff, you need to pay extra for shipping.

I had a small clear coat scratch that I accidentally got when opening the door (didn’t notice the bushes), so I decided to put FixIt Pro to the test. I started by shopping around and found the same pen for only $10 on without all that free nonsense they were selling on TV. Shipping took only a few days. On the label it said that you need to apply the product in the shade and then dry it in the sunlight. Therefore, I’ve waited for a nice sunny day to test it.

FixIt Pro Application

FixIt Pro came with 4 step instructions:

  1. First, shake the pen well.
  2. Press the applicator few times to get the liquid on the tip.
  3. Wipe off any excess liquid.
  4. Quickly apply to the scratch.

Applying the product was like putting a clear nail polish on top of the scratch. I didn’t notice any difference immediately, but it did say on the package to give it an hour to cure. After an hour it looked absolutely the same.

The tip of the pen jammed after just one use. I guess they knew that construction of the pen is very poor because there was an extra tip in the package. The extra tip was absolutely useless because the pen dried up immediately after the first application. What really made things worse, is the super-glue type residue that was left by FixIt Pro on top of the scratch. It took some time to remove it.

The Result

FixIt Pro test was a disaster. It made a mess and was waste of time and money. Fortunately, I only spent $10 and not $20 like a lot of other people who ordered it over the phone. If you still want to buy Fix It Pro, you can get it from for few dollars.

By the way, I heard that a lot of people got scammed when ordering only one pen for $20 over the phone. They said “no” to all of the free stuff, but got it anyway and were charged for shipping for each item. Some consumers said their total bill was over $100. And if you want to return it back, you have to pay shipping cost again. I also found a lot of fake sites with fake positive reviews for this product. After few months, all the review web sites were shut down, but they are still showing up in Google if you type “FixIt Pro reviews”. Here is a post by one of the consumers who got scammed. Take a look how many comments he got.

Be careful when ordering this product. If you are still trying to get rid of small car scratches, read my post on “How to Repair a Clear Coat Scratch“. Hope this helps. Have a great day.

~Mike Davis

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2 thoughts on “New Car Scratch Remover – FixIt Pro. Does It Work?”

  1. Just read your review of the scratch remover. I am so thankful that I did. I am not one to believe all the infomercials I see on TV, so this is why I had to check this one out as well. Thank you for your testing of this product and letting consumers know what garbage it really is.

    • Hi Al. You are very welcome. I just hate to see when people are getting scammed out of their money. ~Mike

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