How to Repair Peeling Car Paint on Ford

peeling paint

This red Ford had a peeling paint on the spoiler. It was originally painted by a bodyshop which didn’t do a very good job, but did charge hundreds of dollars for it. The paint starts to peel if cheap products or incorrect process was used. In this post, you will learn how to fix peeling paint yourself. This step-by-step tutorial is designed for beginner with no experience.

This project will take you a few hours to complete. It can be done over the weekend. You will have to spend some time waiting for the layers of paint to dry, so grab a case of cold beer. All of the products I recommend, can be ordered online. They are high quality, but still affordable.In case you are on a very tight budget, I listed products under “necessary items” and “optional items”. [Read more…]

How to Repair Peeling Car Paint on Lexus IS

peeling paint

This Lexus IS had a peeling paint on the spoiler. The spoiler was painted before, but incorrect products or process was used resulting in a car paint peeling. The reason is that some of the layers lost adhesion with the surface under it. Since not all paints stick to plastic, you need to follow the plastic paint procedures to ensure a successful paint job. To fix this paint, you will need to strip as much of old paint as possible and spray paint it with new one. You can do this project over the weekend. [Read more…]